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Meet Artist Beatriz Helton

I am a mixed media artist and have been creating art for the past 35 years. I teach how to make little books using methods that include: painting papers and fabrics and instinctual stitching which is my creative freeform stitching method . I encourage students to create without a plan, without judgement and above all to have fun allowing their inner child to play.

Website: www.beatrizhelton.com

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What to Expect from Tiny Tomes Class:

I will be teaching how to create two unique books with 2 types of binding using various techniques to strengthen brittle and weak pages while adding interest with collage elements, painted fabric, and instinctual stitching. I’ll provide encouragement for creating without a plan, with no expectations while ignoring the inner critic so fun can be had by all.

What you can expect to learn in this 4 hour workshop. Finding the freedom of exploring new techniques that will leave you inspired and eager to explore in your new handmade books.

When does class start? Nov 7th 2021

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This content is prerecorded and you can watch and rewatch as often as you like.

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Tiny Tomes

Exploring tiny handmadebooks

4 hours of content

Beatriz Helton walks you through how to create a layered and intuitive tiny book of treasures.