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Meet Tiffany Goff Smith

Tiffany is the sassy southern gal behind this creative online school. She is as southern as grits and takes pride in her roots. Tiffany has always been a creative person but Art Journaling and mixed media is where she really knew she found her voice. She is one of the founders of The Ugly Art Club and is passionate about encouraging others to create more art. She has had the pleasure of being publish in numerous publications and is as free spirited as they come.

When not laughing, cracking jokes and painting you can find her and her husband Josh hanging out in the country life with their dogs and chickens.



Thrifted Handful

This is a class tailored to using up all those painted papers and fabrics that are laying around your creative space or (even in the garbage). As an avid recycler of trash to treasure, Tiffany shares step by step on creating accordion style book structure with the discarded items that many would say is trash.

This course is not about creating papers and more things to find a spot for in your creative space this is all about taking the papers around you and creating a one of a kind book. You will learn tips and tricks on composition and Tiff Tips (LOL) along the way.

*Sewing machine and typewriter used but not required

3 hours of Content

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Course can be access on:

October 17th 2022

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