Psychology of Creation


Psychology of Creation by Meisha Mock

Meisha’s is an internationally renowned artist whose work is represented throughout the world. Her art background stems from a unique focus of work. In her career she began her work journey as a scenic art for theatre, film and television, later she became a professional cosplayer and created cosplay outfits from scratch and most recently she has had a strong focus of mask making for the past year. Through her masks she shares a deep connection to the animal spirit and hidden symbolism.  You can find her work on tiktok @meishamock and Instagram @meishamock and @Shrineofcreation.  

This course is about the mind and art, how subtle things like shape and color subconsciously affect our perspective of a piece. This class teaches you to harness that and bring it into your own work. The first part is lecture based then the class moves to painting a mask where all of those concepts are brought into the piece. The class goes over how to maneuver painting a three dimensional object and bring a story into the details of the piece.

What you can expect to learn in this course.

The course is broken into two distinct sections.

Lecture and Creative play:

  • The basics of shape and color theory and how they play into emotions and composition.
  • Mood Boards: How to build one and how to leverage it through out your design process.
  • Color Mixing Studies
  • 3D painting, building from the base to the details.
  • How to incorporate symbolism into your piece allowing it to share your story.

*The content is prerecorded and available to watch/ rewatch at your own pace.

** Meisha will be available to answer questions until June 16, 2021

Class Opens 5/16/2021


Psychology of Creation

One Time Charge

Class Available for Life

Supply List:

  • A device that can connect to the internet (specifically Pinterest) a smartphone, tablet, or computer would work.
  • Acrylic Paint Liquitex Basic and Golden are my personal favorites.
  • Paint Brushes and detail brushes
  • Your 3D Form the mask used in the demo is linked HERE

Please note that you don’t need to purchase all of the materials that I use, especially the brushes if you have some at home that you already enjoy. It is recommended to purchase the wolf mask so you can paint along, but you can also use a different style of mask or 3D form too.